Conclusion: Global warming and climate change is being hijacked by the media to back costly political
 agendas. When terms are not used properly and highlighted with acronyms, abbreviations, fear inducing vocabulary and biased reporting, it promotes ignorance. A society that lacks understanding of the issues being presented can quickly loose their freedom. There is a lot of bickering and finger pointing on both sides of the global warming and climate change issue. Citizens should take the reins. Set an example through active participation on a voluntary basis in becoming a steward of the earth. Implementing and regulating costly world
government policies such as but not limited to the Kyoto protocol and the cap and trade systems will only lead to loss of jobs, higher taxation, loss of freedoms, and an economic disaster. Government policies will also generate excessive roadblocks for new inventions and technology. This could be the beginning of a one world government. Citizens are being distracted by needless finger pointing into accepting an agenda pursued by international
governments primed to take and redistribute what was fought for by our forefathers. In order to avoid this situation, we the people, need to question motives and avoid placing our environmental policies into the hands of foreign governments. Although citizens should strive to become successful stewards of the earth, they should remain skeptical of mainstream media’s hidden agenda promoting political power and control through the use of fear and impending doom.